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The following are current and past SDRC sponsored events and Member supported activities. If you are volunteering for an upcoming Reiki event and would like to let people know about it please send the information to Joan Boccio. If you have an upcoming Reiki activity you want to list on this website, please contact Mary Joy Neuru.

2018 SDRC Scheduled Events:

Outreach -Unity Church Monthly Meditation
3rd Wednesday of each Month

Outreach - Cafe J
April 14th 10:00-2:00 Southwest College, Chula Vista
Gathering - Victorian Fundraiser
April 29th 1:00-5:00 Escondido
Outreach Walk for Animals Humane Society
May 5th @ NTC Park, Liberty Station

Contact Joan Boccio for all Outreach Events joanboccio@gmail.com

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Master Calendar

See Facebook for additional classes and flyers

april 2018 calendar may 2018 calendar june 2018 calendar

Welcome to our Calendar of Available Events

Because SDRC is interested in fostering every member's growth with Reiki, we offer this information to encourage practitioners to be in community with others. It is the best way to grow!! Just do Reiki, and learn from your own and other's experiences. Find a Share that suits your needs personally, but remember, space is limited so RSVP, as soon as possible. If you click on the calendar, you will see an email contact and location on the calendar. Feel free to contact any of us.

If you have an upcoming class, please send a PDF flyer to Joan Boccio joanboccio@gmail.com for posting on SDRC Facebook page.

Share/Clinic Flyers and Sponsors

La Mesa Reiki Share - Saundra Wennhold, Nancy Smits and Judi CatlingFor appointments:reikiheart@cox.net

San Marcos Reiki Clinic - Mary-Joy Neuru For appointments:mary-joy@cox.com

San Marcos Reiki Share - Serena Poisson, spoisson1@roadrummer.com

Vista Reiki Share

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Current Member Sponsored Classes and Activities:

Kathy Cueva
Website: Reiki Wind School & Healing Center
Class: Reiki Wind Classes - Levels I, II, and III/Master
Clinics: Reiki Wind Clinics - Reiki healing for the community
Dr. Maria Danilychev, MD
Website: San Diego Reiki
Class: Jikiden Reiki Training: Classes - Shoden, Okuden and advanced training offered every other month.
Josette Diaz
Website: Guidance To Wellness
Class: Reiki Classes - Levels I, II, and III/Master
Lorraine J George
Contact: LGeorge@Reiki4Wellness.com
Website: Reiki For Wellness
Class: Jikiden Reiki Training Classes
Meetup: Jikiden and General Reiki Shares
Romel Hokanson
Website: Waves of Life Energy Healing
Class: Reiki Training - Levels I, II, and III/Master
Meetup: The San Diego Reiki Meetup Group
Meetup: Reiki Training Meetup Group
Meetup: Reiki Spirit Meetup Group
Karl Johnson
Contact: karl.johnson@positivichi.com
Website: Positivichi
Class: Reiki Training - Levels I, II, III Master and Animal Reiki
Services: Reiki Healing and Reiki for Wedding Parties, Related Services
Emmy Martinez
Website: Reiki Power of Touch
Class: Reiki Power of Touch Classes - Levels I, II, and III/Master
Shannon Sorensen
Contact: shannonnlee@gmail.com
Event: Restorative Reiki Yoga - Mondays: 7:30pm - 8:45pm
Mary Joy Neuru
Contact: mary-joy@cox.net
Website: www.ReikiBreathing.com
Website: www.DivineQuantumReiki.com
Website: www.MaryJoysReiki.com
Classes: Traditional Usui Levels I, II, III-Master/Teacher
Classes: Karuna Reiki® Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki Clinic: 1st Saturday eve, each month - N. County

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SDRC Community Outreach Events:

Sharp Memorial Hospital
Ongoing Reiki Volunteer Program
Elizabeth Hospice
Ongoing Reiki Volunteer Program
AIHM Conference
October 2017
October 2016
Veteran's Stand Down
July 2017
July 2016
July 2014
Walk to End Alzheimer's
September 2017
American Heart Association's Walk
September 2017
Trauma Informed Care
November 2017
Project Homeless Connect
January 2017
May 2014
Bark For Life
March 2017
Canine Reiki
February 2017
Pitties in the Park
October 2017
UCSD Melanoma Walk
October 2013
October 2012
September 2011
Women's Resource Fair
March 2014
March 2013
March 2012
Do you have a Heart for Volunteering?
January 2018

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